iOS & Android Compatible MLM Mobile Apps

Nowadays, more and more people are starting to use handheld devices. The most used handheld devices are smartphones. The use of mobile phones, tablets, and such devices is increasing because they're very easy to use and are remotely accessible. These gadgets can be taken with you anywhere, and they make it easy for you to operate your business irrespective of your location.

An MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Business gives provision to people to work from distinct locations, to avail them with utmost ease. That's why most of the MLM companies are opting for MLM mobile apps to improve the customers' experiences. It is a full-fledged and reliable approach from which users can run their businesses from anywhere in the world.

MLM mobile apps offer the clients with a pool of options that help them managing their respective profiles using their smartphones or tablets. They can get updations on real-time basis regarding compensations and bonuses through these apps. That's why clients do not need to bring their laptops to everywhere they go, as they will be getting better medium to operate their work functions.

At MLM Yug, our focus is to avail our users with the best of experiences. We keep on introducing new advancements to the MLM apps so that our clients get the app test services everywhere.

Our MLM mobile apps include the following features:

  • E-Wallet

Funds can be added in an E-wallet. These funds can be used to buy any product, and the funds can be transferred to another account.

  • User-Friendly Dashboard

The dashboard shows the summary of all your business-functions that include information regarding payments, customers, their joining dates, and much more.

  • Email Facilities

Customers are provided with the options to manage Email accounts. They can flawlessly generate, read, as well as, send emails.

  • Compensation Plans/Bonuses

Details of all the compensation plans and bonuses are made available to the clients.

  • Easy-going Registration

Adding new members is possible using our mobile app.

  • Password Management

Any mobile app user can change the password to his/her account, and manage the respective profile easily.

  • Reports Analyzation

All the associated reports such as compensation/commission reports, sales reports, and much more can be monitored through the mobile app only.

MLM Yug mobile app avails with a full-fledged platform that offers countless features. Our mobile app works perfectly on iOS and Android devices. Our professionals try their best to add all the facilities and advancements that better up our users' experiences.Our motive is to offer you with an all-in-one mobile app so that you may handle your MLM business from anywhere around the world, and every business task remains on your finger-tips.

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