Overview of Stair Step Compensation Plan Model

Business plan selection is an important factor for the success of network marketing. Undoubtedly, there are many choices available that associate to various markets and people having varied business goals. Apart from this, MLM organizations have the freedom to alter a plan or customize it to make a strategy that suits their business needs.


Speaking about the MLM plans, there is one worth mentioning – the Stair Step Compensation Plan. This compensation strategy is today one of the first preferences because of some distinct benefits it offers. One obvious reason for its widespread popularity is that stair step is one of the first business plans used for multi-level network business. Since it has survived for so many years, it is a clear indication that MLM companies have reaped immense success from it.




In MLM Stair-Step, organizations set the targets for the individual affiliates as well as for the group of down-line on which the commission is to be distributed. In addition, whenever affiliate achieves a target of sales, they are promoted for next higher level by offering bonuses and incentives pertaining to achievement levels. Hence, the hard work and efforts of the affiliates doesn’t go wasted. They are rewarded time to time as per their work and achievement. This is what that makes this plan so popular and widely accepted.


So, it is quite clear that the MLM Stair Step is focused on product selling, wherein members are given a sales target to achieve. By completing this target, they become eligible for compensation in form of incentives. Here, it is to note that sales target is not just given to the leader of a group; however the distributors are treated equally for the same. It is the responsibility of the leader to make certain that the distributors below him achieve their targets in given time.


This plan covers all the basics of MLM business and both network growth and product selling are given equal importance. The selling process is of greater importance as members are offered incentives on achieving sales target. Growth of network or recruitment of new peers is also important as members get payment for the sales of their distributors. All these things together make the stair step plan a perfect choice for MLM business.


This Stair step compensation plan is popular among MLM companies because the incentives paid to a member are based on their performance. When peers succeed for a higher group with regular promotions, companies offer them the chance to earn more providing an additional discount on the products at the highest position.


In this strategy, there is no condition imposed on the number of hirings required to get compensation, members just have to complete for the sales target set by their Company. Further, this helps in promoting stair step as a performance based compensation plan giving due rewards to members that complete theirs sales target. But, there are several issues that companies often face due to lack of proper knowledge and guidance for implementation of this plan. In order to further increase the chances of success, experts advice to get the right consulting services and guarantee proper management by getting latest MLM Software.


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